Required time for delivery: about 7 days
Delivery time varies depending on the number of revisions. It takes about one day for each revision.

1Creation request and plan selection Researcher

First of all, you will be asked to choose plan; either the “Brush-up my draft” plan or the “Leave it to you” plan. We recommend the “Leave it to you” plan for first-time customers. Please decide on a plan and start from Order form.

Which plan is better? It depends on whether the researcher or the designer is leading the creation.
“Brush-up my draft” plan “Leave it to you” plan
Overview This is a method in which the client provides us with a specific design using Powerpoint or hand-drawn illustrations. The drawing does not have to be a beautiful one, but by providing us with the necessary information, we can create a cover picture that more closely resembles the image you have in mind. We will take the lead in creating the draft cover picture, leaving it to our experienced staff. We will prepare a cover picture that fits your image based on only the information in your manuscript or abstract.
Recommended for
  • You have a specific idea for a cover picture
  • You want to create your own highly original illustration.
  • Those who do not have a specific idea or are not confident in their design skills.
  • You are in a hurry to meet deadlines.
Required materials
  • Powerpoint or handwritten documents. Simple ones are fine. Please see here for specifics.
  • Manuscript or Abstract
  • Manuscript or Abstract, only!
Cost 600 USD 600 USD

2Provide materialsResearcher

After requesting via the order form, we will contact you, and you will be required to upload and submit the appropriate drawings and materials for each plan. The detail for material preparation

3Submission of First DraftDesigner

We will submit a first draft from the materials received in about 7 days. At this stage, we will prepare a visual quality that is good enough to be used as a cover picture.

4Additional content revisions (if necessary) ResearcherSG

You may add or revise the content up to three times. Revisions take approximately one day, so please use this time well in conjunction with your deadline.
If the number of revisions is more than that, additional costs will be charged separately.

5Payment and final deliveryResearcher

We accept Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners, and Discover. After payment is confirmed, we will send you high-resolution data without water marks, ready for submission.
After payment is confirmed, we will send you high-resolution data without water marks, ready for submission.

If the publisher requires a signature such as Copyright Transfer, we will take the necessary steps.Copyright transfer
If the publisher requests modifications to the size or other standards, we will respond to the request free of charge.